Velebit Nature Park is significant because it is the largest protected area in Croatia. Velebit is the longest mountain in Croatia and it is special because of its beautiful landscapes. Namely, coastal slopes are made of rocky scenery, while the eastern slopes are simply stunning because of their speleological shapes, to be more exact caves and pits from which the following should be mentioned: Cerovačke Caves, Bunovac Pit, Golubinka Pit, Mamet Pit and Pahuljka Pit.

Velebit is a natural habitat for many plant species, out of which 79 are endemic. That is why the Velebit is called „the center of endemism“. Well known endemic species are the Velebit Degenia, Croatian Sibbirhaea, Velebit Bellflower, Window Bellflower and many others. Velebit is also a natural habitat for numerous animal species. Some of the wild species that live there are the black bears, wolves and lynxes. If you are a lover of nature and active vacation consisted of mountaineering, alpinism, rafting, cycling and sport fishing, Velebit is the right place for you.