Zrmanja River springs at the foot of Velebit and flows into Novigrad Sea. On its way to the sea, it has created an enchantingly beautiful canyon adorned with many waterfalls most famous of which is Veliki Buk, 12 meters high.

Zrmanja River is sure to enchant you with its beautiful dark-green colour, cleanliness and pristine nature rich in plant species. The river has two “faces”. During the summer and droughts, Zrmanja is calm and peaceful; however, during the cold days with pouring rain it becomes savage and powerful, ideal for rafting.

 If you search for an unforgettable experience, for a rush of adrenalin, the Zrmanja rafting is the right thing for you. Several agencies offer organized field trips to Zrmanja. The program covers the 3-hour-long boat ride with occasional breaks and swimming in Zrmanja. Each participant receives all the equipment, and each boat an experienced guide responsible for crew training and safety. The rafting track is 15 kilometres long; it starts in Žegar and ends in Muškovci. Some offers also cover lunch after the rafting.