Lake Vransko natural reserve is situated between Zadar and Šibenik. Lake Vransko, the biggest natural lake in Croatia, is in fact a karst field filled with mildly salty water and is a rare example of crypto depression.

The reserve was declared a special ornithological reservation because of the intense flooding on the northwestern rim of the lake and because of the large number of species of birds. This area is rich in grass, bulrush, reed, diverse flowers and a multitude of bugs and butterflies which favors the birds throughout the year.



If you are a bird-watching enthusiast, you can experience an unforgettable adventure of observing the birds from a hidden viewpoint. In addition to the birds, the reserve is valued for the wealth of fish in the lake. If you are a fan of fishing, you can enjoy your favorite activity all year long. Fans of walks and cycling can enjoy the 40 kilometers long cycling track that goes around the lake.

Tours of the Lake Vransko nature reserve can be organized for groups of visitors, individuals and smaller groups. The price depends on the size of the group and the type of the program. There are three types of program: tour, educational program and individual educational program.