Nature reserve Telašćica is located in the central part of the east coast of the Adriatic Sea; in the southeastern part od Dugi Otok island, surrounded by 13 other island and islets. This park is home to a wide variety of nature. You can enjoy quiet and peaceful beaches, steep and savage cliffs, Aleppo pine forests and holm oak, rockery, gorgeous vineyards and olive orchards.

Main characteristics of this area are three natural phenomena: The cove Telašćica which is the biggest and safest harbor on the Adriatic, cliffs of Dugi Otok which rise 161 meters above the sea and the salt lake Mir with its healing properties. You can make your way to the Telašćica nature reserve via organized boat field trips, and also via ferry or boat transportation to Sali or Brbanj on Dugi Otok.

Diving on interesting submarine spots near the cliffs is allowed in the reserve. You can enjoy walks and beautiful views from Grpašćak lookout. If you wish to get to know Telašćica from the air, we recommend the panoramic helicopter tour. Accommodation can be found in small stone houses owned by private rental services all over the reserve area, or in a hotel in the nearby locality of Sali. The entrance fee prices for individual visits per boat depend on the size of the boat and on whether the ticket was purchased in the reserve or not. The price for visitors depends on the category of the visitor.