Kornati national park is located in the central area of the Adriatic between the islands Žirja, Dugi Otok and Pašman. The park consists of 89 island, islets and reefs. It’s interesting to know that the land area of the park makes for less than a quarter of the total area, and the rest is marine ecosystem.

The park is filled with natural phenomena, one of the most important being cliffs. Apart from those, the straits of Mala and Vela Proversa are notable. Mala Proversa is a burrowed canal which dates all the way back to the Roman period which is confirmed by archeological evidence recovered from that area.

There are eight designated mountaineering tracks on the park area which lead up to a lookout which offers the view of Kornati in its entirety or some of the most beautiful parts. It is important to note that there is an area which has been declared an area of special protection where people and boat loitering is prohibited for nature preservation. The prohibition refers to the area of Purate Island and Male Purare and Volića reefs.

There is a large offer of excursion ships which offer one-day visits to Kornati. During the months of July and August the ships commute daily, while during the pre-season and post-season only according to touristic demand. The field trip program and price depend on the organizer. The program usually covers: trip to Kornati, lunch on the ship or in one of the Kornati restaurants and breaks for swimming and sightseeing. All of the above and the services of a guide are included in the price. If you love pristine nature and clean sea, Kornati is the right place for you.