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Borik – Zadar

Borik is a municipality located in the northern part of Zadar, only 3 kilometers away from the city centre. It is a peaceful place ideal for family vacations, and if you feel like experiencing some city tumult, Zadar is at the reach of your hand. Borik is connected to Zadar via numerous bus lines. Borik is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Zadar and it justifies this title with numerous contents and beautiful sand and gravel parts. This beach is also known for its Blue Flag, sea quality and environmental care, rating. This beach is ideal for children since there are shallow waters in the cove, and on the beach, the children can enjoy themselves playing in the sand. There are hospitality establishments on the beach where you can find refreshments and desserts. Some of the activities offered are: volleyball, tennis, Jet Ski riding, board sailing, banana boat riding and many others. Restaurants and taverns in Borik offer a wide variety of indigenous Dalmatian specialties. Accommodation in Borik – Zadar: hotels, apartments, rooms, houses, camps

The main town beach in Zadar is Borik, and it is situated in the northern part of town. 

Borik beach is located on the northen part of Zadar, some 4 kilometers away from the city centre. This beach is known as one of the most beautiful in Zadar, and justifies the title with numerous content and gorgeous sand and gravel parts. The sand part is ideal for children since there are shallow waters in the cove, and on the coast, the children can enjoy playing in the sand. Some of the activities which you can enjoy in are: volleyball, tennis, jet-ski rides, board sailing, banana and tube boat tides and many more. There are also restaurants where you can find refreshment and desserts. This beach is also know by its Blue Flag rating for sea quality and enviromental care. You can also find accommodation in Borik : apartments, rooms, villas, boarding houses and hotels.


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