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 Apartments Vir, Private accommodation in Vir, villas and holiday houses for rent. Search and find accommodation for summer vacations. Direct contact with owners - No commission! Rent an apartment or villa by the sea in Island Vir near Zadar and spend a perfect summer holiday in Croatia.


Island Vir

Vir is a settlement on the island of Vir which is connected to the mainland via a road brigde called „Virski most“  The settlement itself is only 26 kilometers away from Zadar. The name of the place is first mentioned in 1069. There are several archaelogical monoments in Vir of which mostly known are  St. John the Baptist church from the 13th century and Venitian castle Kaštelina from the 17th century.

The island of Vir has very indented coast and many beaches. On the beaches you can find and enjoy various facilities such as sailing, surfing, diving, rent-a-boat, volleyball courts etc. There are many night clubs and discotheques where you can enjoy rich night-life. There are no big hotels in Vir, therefore private accomodation such as rooms, apartments, houses and villas to rent are the accomodation offered.

Vir Island Beaches

Vir Island boasts a gorgeous rugged coastline with many beaches and coves. Jadro beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of this area which you must visit. The beach is gravel while the sea bed is sand.

Accommodation Vir: