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Starigrad-Paklenica is the center of Paklenička Riviera - Zadar region. It was built on the foundation of ancient antique town of Argyruntum. Today this is a vivid tourist place with the population of a bit more than 1000. Half a century ago, the locals replaced their traditional way of life on the sides of Velebit with life at sea. Most of Croatian national parks are here, actually 5 of them:  Krka, the KornatiIslands, PlitviceLakes, Northern Velebit and Paklenica, and even three nature parks: Velebit, Telaščica and VranskoLake.

Lovers of variety can find a true enjoyment here – Starigrad and the sea, Paklenica, Velebit and kilometers of pebble beaches. Starigrad is situated along the very Adriatic Highway, while national park of Paklenica can be reached by smaller ships and boats.

Due to the vicinity of and access to the mountain area, especially the attractive canyon of Velika Paklenica, Starigrad is not only a cozy resort but also a traditional meeting point for mountaineers and alpinists, adventurers and scientists, and all nature lovers who come here to enjoy the beauties of Paklenica and Velebit: sports climbing, kayak, canoe, hiking, diving.

Starigrad Beaches – Paklenica

Starigrad is adorned by long gravel beaches with concrete parts. Here you can enjoy peace and quiet, crystal clean sea, amazing sea air and view of Paklenica national park. Some of the beaches are: Kulina, Hotel Alan beach, Car Camp Paklenica beach, Bikarija and other.

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