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Apartments Sali, Private accommodation in Sali, villas and holiday houses for rent. Search and find accommodation for summer vacations. Direct contact with owners - Lowest price! Rent an apartment or villa by the sea in Sali on the island of Dugi otok near Zadar and spend a perfect summer holiday in Croatia.

 Sali Dugi Otok 


Sali is the largest town on Long Island (Dugi otok), located on its south part. It is the administrative, cultural and economic center of the largest island of the Zadar archipelago. Sali is a traditional fishing settlement with a a thousand years old fishing tradition. Apart from fishing, the population  is involved in the olive oil production and tourism. Close to the town is situated Olive's field in which some olives trees are over 700 years old and it has been proclaimed botanical reserve.

The settlement Sali on Dugi otok is surrounded by the Nature Park Telašćica and the Kornati National Park and is the ideal place for nautical tourism. The most important events in Sali and beyond is Saljske užanice  - a three-day festivity in Sali.

Here you can spend a perfect holiday enjoying the peace, quiet and relaxation. There are sandy and pebble beaches by which the island is widely known. For lovers of active holidays you can rent boats, bikes and scooters and there is organized hunting and fishing tourism. Accommodation in Sali - Dugi Otok: apartments, rooms, houses, camps ...

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Nature reserve Telašćica is located in the central part of the east coast of the Adriatic Sea; in the southeastern part od Dugi Otok island, surrounded by 13 other island and islets. This park is home to a wide variety of nature. You can enjoy quiet and peaceful beaches, steep and savage cliffs, Aleppo pine forests and holm oak, rockery, gorgeous vineyards and olive orchards.

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