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Apartments Povljana – Island of Pag


Povljana is a locality situated on the south side of Island of Pag. Rich and frequent springs of water make this area suitable for farming. The sea is clean and crystal clear, and one of the most beautiful coves is Stare Povljane cove which is rich in sea s*****. If you prefer sand beaches then the cove Slana is the right place for you. In the immediate vicinity there are lakes of Veliko Blato (a protected ornithological reservation) and Malo Blato. To the west of Povljane, the lake Segal is located which is rich in pelloid which has healing properties. For those in search of recreation, we recommend a hike to the top of St. George, a hill north of the city Paga, which offers an amazing view of Velebit Canal, Malin beach and part of the Slane cove. Cycling, surfing, tennis, competitive fishing, tracking and many other activities are offered as well. Unavoidable destination for young people is the nearby beach Zrće which is famous for its nightlife. Accommodation in Povljana is offered in apartments, rooms, houses and camps.

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