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Apartments Molat, accommodation in Molat, villas and holiday houses for rent. Search and find accommodation for summer vacations. Direct contact with owners - Lowest price! Rent an apartment or villa by the sea in Molat on the island of Molat near Zadar and spend a perfect summer holiday in Croatia.

Island Molat


Molat, an island in Zadar archipelago is located between the Sea of Vir and the open sea of the Adriatic towards the northwest. You can travel to the island from Zadar via fast catamarans or ferries. The island features three localities: Molat, Brgulje and Zapuntel. Molat is famous by a highly elongated coast, dense pine forests, hidden sandy coves and crystal clear sea. Molat is facilitated by museums, hospitality establishments, playgrounds and the most beautiful and most frequented beach of Jazi. That is also the location of the main harbor Lučina with 36 docks with power and water plugs. Come and spend an unforgettable vacation in this gorgeous touristic and fishing locality and experience all the charms of the Mediterranean. Accommodation facilities in Molat offer apartments, rooms, hotels and other touristic capacities.

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