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Krka national park - Necven

National Park Krka - Necven

 Necven is located on the left bank of the river Krka on the edge of the canyon in the Krka National Park, and it can be easily reached by road Oklaj - Puljani. The fortress was first mentioned by name Nechwen 1487. The fort was surrounded by high walls and deep canal and had a surface area of ​​1000 m2. In established Nečven seat of an old Croatian noble family Nelipići.From 1522 - 1686 godine fortress occupied and ruled by the Turks in it.

There are seat Dizdar, age, begs, and the kadi, which indicates the importance of the fort - town. It was the seat of the administrative and judicial authorities. When the Turks came to the demolition works and the wooden bridge on the river Krka and Nečven ceases to be the seat of administration of the region.Today's settlement Nečven has about 50 houses and is located within the boundaries of national park. Because of its location and determine Nečven - The city becomes a popular tourist destination within the park. Of accommodation offered Holiday houses with pools and apartments. If you want to spend the holiday in the heart of the national park and untouched nature Nečven is the right choice for you

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