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Zadar City in Croatia


HModern Zadar

Zadar is today a city of extraordinary cultural heritage and of 3000 years of history. It is located in the very centre of the Eastern part of the Adriatic coast. Zadar is the administrative, economic, cultural and political centre of the Northern Dalmatia region. It is surrounded by the islands of the Zadar archipelago towards the sea, and by Ravni Kotari at the back.

The oldest part of the city is located on a peninsula surrounded by historic walls which were used for defense against numerous conquerors. The old part of the city within those walls is the most important and most interesting part of the city. Visit Forum and Fosha. Take a walk along the Kalelarga and witness the beautiful sunset over Zadar seafront. When it comes to touristic attractions, the ones that put Zadar on the global touristic map and the ones you should defiantly visit are The Sea organ and Greeting the Sun.

Infrastructural connectivity

Due to its geographical position and excellent traffic infrastructure, Zadar is a touristic attraction easily accessible by sea, land and air. It is connected with Zagreb and Split by a new, modern highway. The completion of the new navy harbor made it one of the main centers on the Adriatic for ferries and cruisers. Its connection with all major European cities was made possible with the restored airport in Zemunik.

Churches and cultural monuments

The peninsula itself houses over 70 cultural monuments and churches from the Antique, Medieval and Renaissance periods. The oldest and most interesting part of the city is the Forum. The church of St. Donatus is located upon the Forum which is the protector symbol of Zadar and also the most famous monumental construction from the early Middle Ages. The cathedral of St. Anastasia is situated ight next to the church of St. Donatus. It dates from the 12th century and is the biggest church in Dalmatia. Out of other religious establishments which warrant a visit some are: the Church of Simeon, the Church and Monastery of St. Mary and the Church of St. Chrysogonas.

You should also visit Museum of Ancient Glass, National and Archeological Museum as well as the permanent exhibition “The Gold and Silver of Zadar”.

Hotels Zadar - Croatia

The accommodation options in Zadar are plentiful and various. For sailors and yachtsmen, we especially recommend the Tankerkomerc marina located just off the peninsula in the very centre of Zadar. Among other options, there are the Borik marina and the Dalmatia marina in Sukoshan – the biggest marina on the Adriatic. There is also a great supply of accommodation from hotels. In the old part of the city, you can find the hotel Bation and the Art hotel on Kalelarga.You can also find accommodation in hotels Kolovare and Falkensteiner on Borik. If you are looking for accommodation in a hostel, you can find it in one of many, most famous of which is Hostel Forum right next to the Church of St. Donatus.

Zadar apartments and accommodation

However, the biggest number of options comes from private accommodation which consists of apartments, rooms, houses and villas. You can find luxurious and a bit more expensive apartments in the old part of the city on the peninsula. Aside from that, you can find accommodation in one of the many rooms on offer. The rooms in the centre of Zadar are well equipped and mostly air-conditioned. Accommodation is also available in houses and villas in Zadar and Zadar are with very affordable prices.

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